VDI Engineer




Course Title: VDI Engineer

Course Duration: 72 Hours.


Course Outline


1. Networking


Introduction to Networking, OSI Model, TCP/IP Protocol Suite, IPv4 addressing, Sub netting, CIDR, VLSM, IPv6 addressing, VLAN, STP, Switching and Routing


2. Windows 10


Windows 10 editions, Clean installation, in-place upgrade, disk management, local users and groups, NTFS and Shared permissions, Device manager, Local Policy, UAC, Defender, Encryption and compression, configuring Ethernet and Wi-Fi, Configuring the local and network Printer, Remote desktop and remote assistance, windows update and performance monitoring.


3.  Windows Server Administration


Editions of Windows server 2016, installing windows Server 2016, Installing and configuring ADDS, GPO, DNS, and DHCP.


4. Services for Remote Access


Introduction to Remote Desktop Services (RDS), Components of RDS, Installation of RDS Role services, Configuration for application virtualization and desktop virtualization, Remote Access Server (RAS) Role configuration, configuring the VPN connection.


5. Linux Administration


Introduction Linux Operating System, Installing and configuring Linux, Creating users and Groups, Assigning permissions, shared folders and drives, Network configuration, firewall settings, SSH, installing and configuring EFS server.


6. Virtualization

Introduction to Virtualization, Types of Virtualization, Types of Hypervisors, Installing and Configuring VMware workstation, Installing and Configuring ESXi Server, Installing and Configuring Hyper-v.


7. Install and configure VMware Horizon


Introduction to Horizon, Environment for Horizon, Installing and configuring the Horizon components, create and configure Horizon pools


8. Identity manager


Install and configure VMware identity manager, Install and configure VMware user environment manager.


9. App Volumes


Install and configure the VMware App volumes, manage VMware AppStacks and writable volumes.


10. Realize Operations manager


Install and configure the adapter instance and Horizon broker agent.

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