UiPath Training


Course Title: UiPath Training

Course Duration: 30 Hours


Course Outline


MODULE 1: Introduction to UiPath Tool


Introduction to UiPath, UiPath Studio Environment, Connecting Project to source control, Enable Tracing, Creating Basic Flow, Debugging Workflow, Managing Packages.


MODULE 2: Installation for Development


Installation of UiPath Studio (Community Edition), UiPath Orchestrator Account creation. Dependency: System Requirements: i7 processor with 4 GB RAM, Windows 10 OS.


MODULE 3: Types of Workflows and Activities in UiPath


Workflows-Sequences, Flowcharts, State Machines. Variables– Managing Variables. Naming Best Practices, The Variables Panel, Types of Variables, Generic Value. Variables, Text Variables, True or False Variables, Number Variables, Array. Variables, Date and Time Variables, Data Table Variables. Arguments– Managing. Arguments, Naming Best Practices, The Arguments Panel, Using Arguments.
Imported Namespaces-About Imported Namespaces, Importing New Namespaces.
Control Flow– About Control Flow, Control Flow Activities, Assign Activity, Delay Activity, Do While Activity, If Activity, Switch Activity, While Activity, For Each Activity, Break Activity. Recording-About Recording, About Recording Types, Automatic Recording, Example of Automatic Recording with Basic and Desktop, Example of Automatic Recording with Web, Manual Recording. UI Elements-About UI Elements, UI Activities Properties, Input Methods, Example of Using Input Methods, Output or Screen Scraping Methods, Examples of Using Output or Screen Scraping Methods. Data Scraping-About Data Scraping, Example of Using Data Scraping. Selectors-About Selectors, Selectors with Wildcards, Full Versus Partial Selectors, UiPath Explorer.


MODULE 4: Advanced Automation with examples


Image and Text Automation, Excel and Data Table Automation, PDF Automation, Email Automation, Debugging and Exception Handling.


MODULE 5: UiPath Orchestrator


Orchestrator UI Interface, Connecting the local bot to Orchestrator, Managing and Stopping Orchestrator Processes, Schedules, Managing logs, Assets, Queues.


MODULE 6: Real Time Projects


There will be multiple real time projects which you can practice yourself. We will provide solutions to all and explain how UiPath is implemented in real time.


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