Red Hat Certified Engineer

Red Hat Certified Engineer

Total Duration: 26 Hours.

Course name: Red Hat Certified Engineer – RHCE (EX294) 

Certification:  Red Hat Certified Engineer – RHCE (EX294) 

  1. Introduction to Ansible and deploy

Describe Ansible concepts and install Red Hat Ansible Engine. Configure Ansible to manage hosts and run ad hoc Ansible commands.

  1. Implement playbooks

Write a simple Ansible Playbook and run it to automate tasks on multiple managed hosts. Write playbooks that use variables to simplify management of the playbook and facts to reference information about managed hosts.

  1. Implement task control

Manage task control, handlers, and task errors in Ansible Playbooks. Deploy, manage, and adjust files on hosts managed by Ansible.

  1. Manage large projects

Write playbooks that are optimized for larger, more complex projects. Use Ansible roles to develop playbooks more quickly and to reuse Ansible code.

  1. Troubleshoot Ansible

Troubleshoot playbooks and managed hosts. Automate common Linux system administration tasks with Ansible.

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