Course Title: Building Private Cloud using Red Hat OpenStack

Course Duration: 60 Hours.

Certification: Red Hat Certified System Administrator in Red Hat OpenStack (EX210)

Course Outline:


Module 1: Understand and work with director-based deployments


Use identity environment files to connect to the undercloud. Use identity environment files to connect to the overcloud. Use template files, environment files, and other resources to obtain information about an OpenStack environment. Work with containerized services.


Module 2:  Configure OpenStack domains and Resources


Create projects. Create groups. Create users. Manage quotas. Create virtual machine flavours. Add existing images to an overcloud. Create security groups. Create key pairs.


Module 3: Configure networking


Create and assign networks to projects. Configure network routers. Configure software-defined networks. Work with Open Virtual Networks. Configure floating IP addresses. Configure an instance to use a floating IP address. Configure a service to be accessible via a floating IP address.


Module 4: Manage block, Ceph, object and shared storage


Create a block storage volume. Attach block storage volumes to an instance. Snapshot a storage volume. Configure Ceph storage. Monitor Ceph Storage. Diagnose and troubleshoot Ceph Storage issues. Create a Swift container. Utilize a Swift container. Work with shared storage. Create shared file systems. Configure instances to use shared file systems.


Module 5: Manage instances and Heat stack


Launch instances. Associate instances with specified projects and networks. Use key pairs to connect to instances. Configure an instance during deployment. Create a Heat template. Diagnose and correct a broken Heat template. Launch a Heat stack.


Module 6: Work with images and OpenStack services


Modify an existing image. Create and associate flavours to customized images. Launch an instance from a customized image. Launch an instance on a second compute node. Manage Identity Service tokens. Enable tracing in RabbitMQ. Display statistics using Ceilometer.

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