Kubernetes Administrator



Course Title: Kubernetes Administrator

Total Duration: 40 Hours.

Certification: Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA)

Course Objectives


Administering a Kubernetes Cluster. Designing a Kubernetes Cluster. Building a Kubernetes Cluster from scratch – “The Hard Way”. Testing a Kubernetes Cluster end-to-end. Troubleshooting a Kubernetes Cluster. Securing a Kubernetes Cluster. Configuring Storage on a Kubernetes Cluster. Configuring Network on a Kubernetes Cluster.



  1. Basic understanding of Docker
  2. YAML Language

Who this course is for:

  1. System Administrators
  2. DevOps Professionals
  3. Application Developers


Course Title:


Module 1: Core Concepts


Cluster Architecture: Kubernetes Architecture, ETCD in Kubernetes, Kube-API Server, Controller Managers ‘, Kube Scheduler, Kubelet, Kube Proxy. API Primitives: PODs with YAML, ReplicaSets, Deployments, Namespaces, Imperative Commands with Kubectl. Kubernetes Services and Network Primitives: Services Types, ClusterIP, NodePort, LoadBalancer.


Module 2: Installation, Configuration, and Validation


Deploy a Kubernetes Cluster with KubeAdm, Building Highly Available K8s Cluster


Module 3: Cluster


Operating System Upgrades, Kubernetes Releases/Version, Cluster Upgrade Process. Backup and Restore Methodologies Kubernetes


Module 4: Scheduling


Manual Scheduling, Labels and Selectors, Taints and Tolerations, Node Selectors, Node Affinity. Taints and Tolerations vs Node Affinity, Resource Requirements and Limits, Editing PODs and Deployments, DaemonSets, Static Pods, Configuring Kubernetes Scheduler.


Module 5: Application Lifecycle Management


Rollout and Versioning, Configuring Environment Variables, Configuring Secrets, Commands and Arguments, Configuring ConfigMaps in Applications, Scale Applications, Multi Container PODs,  Multi-container PODs Design Patterns, InitContainers, Self Healing Applications.


Module 6: Storage


Storage in Docker, Volumes in K8s, Persistent Volumes, Persistent Volume Claims, Application Configuration, Empty volumes.


Module 7: Security


Security Introduction, Kubernetes Security Primitives, Authentication, Article on Setting up Basic Authentication, TLS Introduction and Basics, TLS in Kubernetes and Certificate Creation, Certificate Details, View Certificates, Certificates API, KubeConfig, Persistent Key/Value Store, API Groups, Role Based Access Controls, Cluster Roles and Role Bindings, Cluster Roles and Role Bindings, Image Security, Security Contexts, Network Policy.


Module 8: Networking


Networking – Introduction, DNS, CoreDNS, Network Namespaces, Docker Networking,  CNI, Cluster Networking, Pod Networking, CNI in kubernetes, CNI weave, IP Address Management – Weave, Service Networking, DNS in Kubernetes, CoreDNS in Kubernetes, Ingress.


Module 9: Logging and Monitoring


Logging and Monitoring Section Introduction, Monitor Cluster Components, Monitoring the Applications Running within a Cluster, Managing Application Logs.


Module 10: Troubleshooting


Application Failure, Control Plane Failure, worker Node Failure, Networking Failure.


Module 11: Other Topics


JSON PATH, Advanced Kubectl Commands

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