ITIL Service Lifecycle – Service Strategy




Course Name: ITIL Service Lifecycle – Service Strategy

Course Duration: 24 Hours

Certification: The ITIL Intermediate Service Lifecycle – Service Strategy Certificate



Course Outline:


Module 1: Introduction to service strategy


The purpose, goals and objectives of service strategy. The scope of service strategy. The value to the business. The context of service strategy in relation to all other lifecycle stages.


Module 2: Service strategy principles


The ability to decide on a service strategy. How to utilize the four P’s of service strategy. How to define services, create value and leverage the combined use of utility and warranty. How to use service economics and sourcing strategies when meeting business outcomes.


Module 3: Service strategy processes


The management level concepts for the five service strategy processes and how they flow and integrate with the lifecycle. The purpose, scope and objectives of each service strategy process and how they link to value for the business.


Module 4: Governance


The ability to analyse IT governance and use it to set strategy by leveraging governance frameworks, bodies.


Module 5: Organizing for service strategy


The ability to create an organizational design using the relevant development and departmental methods.


Module 6: Technology considerations


Understand the relevance and opportunities for service automation and the importance and application of technology interfaces across the lifecycle.


Module 7: Implementing service strategy


Develop implementation strategies that follow a lifecycle approach (e.g. design, transition, operation and improvement, programmes).


Module 8: Challenges, critical success factors and risks


The ability to provide insight and guidance for strategic challenges, risks and critical success factors.

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