Full Stack Developer



Total Duration: 72 Hours.

Course name: Full Stack Developer



Part1: Front-end technology

Front-end technologies like HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript.

Third-party libraries like jQuery, LESS, Angular and React Js

Part2: Development Languages

Server-side programming languages like Java, Python, Ruby, and ASP.Net

Part3: Database and cache

DBMS technologies like MySQL, MongoDB, Oracle, SQLServer are widely used for this purpose.

Caching mechanisms like varnish, Memcached, Redis

Part4: Basic design ability

Principle of basic prototype design and UI /UX design.

Part5: Server

Web Servers: Apache, nginx and IIS servers.

Server Operating System: Linux and Windows servers

Part6: Version control system (VCS)

A version control system keep track of all the changes made in the codebase- GitHub, GitLab, Beanstalk, PerForce, Apache Subversion, AWS CodeCommit, Microsoft Team Foundation Server, Mercurial, Concurrent versions system, Bitbucket

Part7: Working with API  

Web services or API – creations and consumption of REST and SOAP

Part8: LAMP stack

L= Linux- An operating system; A= Apache – web server software; M= MySQL – database; P=PHP – Server side scripting language

Part9: MERN stack

M=MongoD – NoSQL database; E=Express – web program framework; R=React – A javascript library for building user interfaces; N=Node.js – A server-side JavaScript run time

Part10: MEAN stack

M = MongoDB – NoSql Database; E = Express – portable web program framework; A = Angular.js – framework for developing HTML5 and JavaScript web programs; N = Node.is – Server side JavaScript run time

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