Course name: DevOps Engineer

Total Duration: 72 Hours.

Certification: Helps to get certified in AWS Certified DevOps Engineer and Azure DevOps Engineer


Prerequisites to learn DevOps:


Understanding of Linux Operating system concepts

Basics of core Java.

Familiarity with build and deployment process.

Basic knowledge of tools and infrastructure.



Course Outline:



Module1: Introduction to DevOps


Overview of DevOps and DevOps Tools


Module2: Collabaration Tools


Jira, slack, Trello, Clarive, Microsoft VisualStudio TeamServices, CA Technologies Agile Central


Module3: Code hosting and code review


AWS CodeCommit, Bitbucket, Github, Mercurial, Fossil, Darc, Vault, Suburesion, CVs, Oracle Developer Cloud Service, Perforce, Codeplex, Gitlab


Module4: Continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD)


AWS CodePipeline, AWS CodeStar, Atlassan Bamboo, Xebialabs, Clarive, Chef Automate, OpenMake Meister


Module5: Testing automation


Selenium, applitools, mabl, saucelabs, Tricentis, Smartbear, Perfpecto, Testim, Browserstack


Module6: Release automation


AWS CodeDeploy, Circleci, Electric Cloud, IBM UrbanCode, OpenMake Software, XebiaLabs, CA Technologies Continuous Delivery Director


Module7: Configuration Management


Puppet, RedHat Ansible, salt, Chef


Module8: Infrastructure and application monitoring and management


Nagios, NewRelic APM, Dynatrace, Logzio, AWS X-ray, AppDynamics, Datadog


Module9: Containerization and Provisioning


AWS ECS, Docker, Azure DevTest labs, HashiCorp, Azure Kubernetes service(AKS), GCP Container Registry


Module10: Serverless Computing


AWS Lambda, Microsoft Functions, GCP Functions, Apache OpenWhisk, Microsoft Azure Web Jobs

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