Prerequisites for Cloud Administrator

Course Title: Prerequisites for Cloud Administrator

Course Duration:  50 Hours.


Course Objectives


After successful completion of this course students will be able to:

  • Understand and configure the networking and storage devices.
  • Understand and configure the Windows Server Active Directory, DNS and DHCP.
  • Configure the VPN in Windows Server which can help you to understand the cloud
    site to site VPN.
  • Work on Linux OS and the commands which can help you to understand and
    automate the tasks in Azure Cloud Shell.
  • Understand and write the PowerShell scripts which could help you to automate the
    tasks in Azure.
  • Explain the virtualization types and hypervisor types.
  • Install and configure Hypervisors like Hyper-V and ESXi Server.
  • Understand the services form different cloud platforms related to compute, storage,
    networking and Security.





Course Outline


Module1: Networking


Introduction to Networking, OSI Model, TCP/IP Protocol Suite, IPv4 addressing, Sub netting,
CIDR, IPv6 addressing, VLAN, STP, Switching and Routing


Module2: Windows Server Administration


Editions of Windows server 2016, installing windows Server 2016,  Configuring the Disks for
RAID, Configuring the NTFS and share permissions, Installing and configuring ADDS, DNS,
DHCP, VPN and IIS, Monitoring the performance of the server.


Module3: Linux Administration


Introduction Linux Operating System, Installing and configuring Linux, Creating users and
Groups, Assigning permissions, installing and configuring apache web server, installing and
configuring EFS server, Linux Shell Scripting.


Module4: Virtualization


Introduction to Virtualization, Types of Virtualization, Types of Hypervisors, Installing and
Configuring VMware workstation, Installing and Configuring ESXi Server, Installing and
Configuring Hyper-V.


Module5: PowerShell Scripting


Configuring the PowerShell, Importing the Azure Modules, PowerShell Basic commands,
Writing PowerShell Scripts.


Module6: Cloud Computing


Introduction to Cloud Computing, Cloud Service Models, Cloud Deployment Models, Cloud
benefits, Cloud Service providers.

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