Windows 10 Administrator


Course Title: Windows 10 Administrator

Course Duration: 24 Hours


Course Outline


1. Deploy Windows 10


Configure language packs. Migrate user data. Perform a clean installation. Perform an in-place upgrade (using tools such as MDT, WDS, ADK, etc.). Select the appropriate Windows edition. Troubleshoot activation issues.


2. Perform post-installation configuration


Configure Edge and Internet Explorer. Configure mobility settings. Configure sign-in options. Customize the Windows desktop


3. Manage local users, local groups, and devices


Manage devices in directories. Manage local groups. Manage local users.


4. Configure data access and protection


Configure NTFS permissions. Configure shared permissions.


5. Configure devices by using local policies


Configure local registry. Implement local policy. Troubleshoot group policies on devices.


6. Manage Windows security


Configure user account control (UAC). Configure Windows Defender Firewall. Implement encryption.


7. Configure networking


Configure client IP settings. Configure mobile networking. Configure VPN client. Troubleshoot networking. Configure Wi-Fi profiles.


8. Configure remote connectivity


Configure remote management. Enable PowerShell Remoting. Configure remote desktop access.


9. Configure system and data recovery


Perform file recovery (including OneDrive). Recover Windows 10. Troubleshoot start-up/boot process.


10. Manage updates


Check for updates. Troubleshoot updates. Validate and test updates. Select the appropriate servicing channel. Configure Windows update options.


11. Monitor and manage Windows


Configure and analyse event logs. Manage performance. Manage Windows 10 environment.

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