Automation Anywhere Training

Course Title: Automation Anywhere Training

Course Duration: 25 Hours


Automation Anywhere Tool:

The only complete end to end cognitive RPA Solutions Robotic Process Automation shortly called as RPA is considered as an application that allows companies or organizations to automate processes that are organized by humans. All the tasks like Data Manipulation, communications, customer management and responses etc. are handled by humans and now this RPA enables all the process are done by ensuring Robotics Process Automation Tools. RPA mainly decreases the human errors, saves time and decreases the complete cost of the Projects. It will be a great career advantage by taking Automation Anywhere Training in Bangalore at CloudKali Solutions to start your journey in the automation field. With the help of this tool, deploy anywhere in the world but manage everything in one place.


Course Description:


CloudKali Solutions is considered as the Best Robotics Automation Anywhere Tool
Training in Bangalore that offers quality and Instructor-led classes to all the intended
audience. Domain Expertise mainly helps the audience to leverage practical knowledge skills
in Automation Anywhere tool to solve complex business issues with an optimized solution.

By the end of the Automation Anywhere Course, aspirants can be able to do

Aspirants can be able to create and maintain automated marketing campaigns
Tracking of Customer Behavior using analytics
Consistently bring the requirements of Organizations functions to meet business esteems
You can easily work on any of the domains like Finance, Banking, BPO, Healthcare, Logistic, Retails, etc.
Practical knowledge of each module in automation anywhere


Why Automation Anywhere Tool Training?

The average salary range of RPA Professionals is high when compared to other IT
Professionals. The demand for RPA is increasing in a rapid manner and there are more than 5
million jobs in the coming year for Automation and Robotics industry. It is complete with
code free so that intended audience can easily learn this course without any coding language.


Course Outline:


MODULE 1: Introduction to Automation Anywhere Automation Tool


Introduction to Automation Anywhere, Automation Anywhere Architecture. Automation Anywhere Control Room Dashboard, Deploy Project in Control Room. Adding Clients-Bot Creator-Bot Runner-Credential Manager Management


MODULE 2: Installation for Development


Installation of Automation Anywhere Client (Community Edition), Automation. Anywhere Control Room Account creation. Dependency: System Requirements: i7 processor with 4 GB RAM, Windows 10 OS


MODULE 3: Overview of Automation Anywhere Client


Task Bots, Recording Task, Creating Task, Task Editor, Features of Task Editor, Meta Bot, Code check-in/check-out to Repository, Bot scheduling, Bot triggering, Debugging and Testing.


MODULE 4: Automation Anywhere Commands with Examples


Keystrokes / Mouse-Insert Keystrokes, Insert Mouse Click, Insert Mouse Move. Insert Mouse Scroll. Programs / Files / Windows-Open program/File, Files/Folders. Window Actions, Log to File, Manage Windows Controls, Object Cloning. Conditions / Loops-If/Loop. Pause / Delays / Wait. Internet-Web Recorder, Launch. Website, Send Email, Internet Connection, SOAP Web Service, REST Web Service. Tasks / Scripts-Run Task, Stop Task. Applications-Read from CSV/Text, Excel. Database, XML, Prompt, Message Box, Database, Clipboard, Comment, Play Sound. Variable Operation, String Operation. System-Printers, Services. Advanced-Error. Handling, Image Recognition, Screen Capture. Integration-App Integration, OCR. Email. Automation, Terminal Emulator, PDF Integration, Citrix Automation.. Security-PGP


MODULE 5: Real Time Projects

Developing a Bot using PDF Operations & Email integration, Develop Bot using excel operations and Feed Data to Website. Process Data and write back to Excel/DB,. Requirement Gathering, Documentation, Development, Deployment of real time project.